Currently Nathalie is teaching following VINYASA FLOW YOGA classes at Fitness First:

> Mondays: 18h-19h + 19h40-20h40 // Livestyle Club Schönhauser Allee
> Wednesdays: 10h30-11h30 // Livestyle Club Schönhauser Allee
> Saturdays: 11h-12h + 12h15-13h15 // Women Club Frankfurter Allee
> Sundays: 17h-18h + 18h-19h // Women Club Pankow

All these classes are based on the Vinyasa Yoga System and also on the Primary and Intermediate Series of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Nathalie gives a special emphasis on the alignment of the postures, the breathing process and the rhythm of the practice. Her classes are not too fast and not too slow and especially focused on a precise guidance that help the students to access their bodies.

If you are interest in PRIVATE OR CORPORATE YOGA please send an e-mail to As Nathalie has worked for over ten years in the tradition of the so called "Mysore-Style" (individual guidance in the group), she is assigned to develop individual series according to the needs and physical condition of the student.

If you are interested in current BODY MAPPING programs, please go to the website: BODY MAPPING LAB