February 2002 - September 2003, Casa das Caldeiras, São Paulo, Brazil

Idea, Concept and Performance: Nathalie Fari
Performers: Anete Colacioppo, Ilana Gorban, Fábio Norat, Petra Schwarz, Thomas Schneesche
Music: Célio Barros, Jorge Pena, Yuri Pinheiro
Costume Design:Cecília Echenique, Thais Mol
Light Design: Vanessa Poitena
Video: Gisela Motta e Leandro Lima, Macau, Ebbëto
Photography: Luana Capobianco, Christian von Ameln

Short Info::
The pioneering project Enteléquia was a collaborative and site specific performance designed especially for the Art Factory Casa das Caldeiras. At this occasion, Nathalie Fari coordinated a residency program or a sort of "artistic excavation of gold" with artists from different fields: performance, music, design, video and photography. Each artist could develop his or her individual work based on the central theme: Alchemy and the elements of raw material, sulphur, mercury and salt. A complex theme that was processed within the context of an old margarine factory under the guideline of the Aristotelian term entélékhéia. This terms means in short, the further development of the creative process or the quality that brings painters, poets, musicians or craft workers to reach the height of their art. With this in mind the artists developed a performative event and interactive exhibition based on improvisation and scenes from a manuscript which was called Raw Stuff:

"The fire must continue to burn to reap lead, gold or silver. Gold is the hardest to achieve because it demands a deep understanding of humanity, at the same time an intimate, healthy relationship with nature.“

Excerpt from press release, September 2002