September 2001 - November 2001, Casa das Rosas, São Paulo, Brazil

Idea, Concept and Performance: Nathalie Fari
Performers: Glaucia Bittar, Fábio Norat, Petra Schwarz, Thomas Schneesche
Music: Yuri Pinheiro, Luciano Sallun, Jorge Peňa
Costume Design: Cecília Echenique
Photography: Luana Capobianco

Short Info::
The project Monomitos arose from the need to gather artists to explore in the uncertain and technological world, the possible directions and meanings of contemporary art. With this in mind, the artists chose certain myths (or energy form the subconscious) in oder to create a collaborative and site specific performance for the so called "invisible gallery" of the former Casa das Rosas. Each myth had a special connotation and meaning:
Demeter (Greek goddess of fertility) represented the urgency of environmental protection;
Tristan & Isolde (Celtic love story) observed the human fragility;
Shiva & Shakti (Indian gods of destruction and birth) were considered as means of transcendence;
Brunnhilde (one of the Valkyries from the Nibelungen Ring Cycle) symbolised war.
All these ancient myths represented in some ways, the complexities, divergences and phases of an individuation process.

Excerpt from press release, November 2001